25 days left for the IoT-Blockchain Camp 2018, 11 - 15 april Valencia

IoT-Blockchain Camp 2018 is the first International meeting devoted to both IoT and Blockchain technology in Valencia, Spain.
During 5 days (11-15th April) and with more than 70 participants from all over the world with a background on Information Technology, electronics and commercial, 5 mainly topics will be treated:

  • Smart cities
  • Energy
  • Tourism
  • Transport
  • Health and sport

IoT-Blockchain is an open initiative designed to explore the potential of the Internet of Things (IOT) connected to decentralized registration systems (Blockchain), combining technical seminars where technology will be learned and a 48-hour hackathon where it will be applied in the real challenges of the industry.

To create value combining both technologies the participants also need focus.

That's why we have five topics about which we will provide challenges in order to will build amazing solutions for our daily lives.
We believe that blockchain is much more than buying and selling tokens, blockchain is going to transform our lives for better and the way to do it is to connect blockchain to the real world.

This event is a unique opportunity to learn about the technology, find new talent, prototyping, gain visibility, networking and try disruptive ideas.

In August 2017 took place the first European IoT+Blockchain International Hackaton in Frankfurt. It was the first of its class and a great success with more than 80 participants coming from all industries and countries all around the world.
Dozens of talented developers built their real-world IoT business [proof of] business concepts on top of IOTA/Ethereum using Raspberry Pi / HiKey hardware platforms.
You can check the aftermovie here: https://www.ethereumcamp.io/aftermovie

If like us, you believe blockchain technology is more than cryptocurrencies, and its real potential will only be unleashed when combined with real world data… this is your place!

The IOT-Blockchain Camp is a 5-day intensive training focused on connecting real world data (IOT), with distributed ledger technologies (blockchain)
The IOT-Blockchain camp will give participants access to:

  • 2 days of all inclusive intensive IOT-Blockchain training
  • 3 days of hands-on real experience hackathon
  • Technology sessions hold by industry leading professionals
  • Afternoon open events to meet the IOT-Blockchain ecosystem
  • The opportunity to showcase their projects at the City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia

The IOT-Blockchain camp has been designed for participants with 3 different backgrounds: Electronics & Robotics, IT Development and Business & Marketing. Two tracks are available depending on the level of previous experience.

1. Limited experience
Participants attend the technology seminars at the beginning of the camp to acquire the right technical skills before participating in the hackathon. After the intensive training they are ready to compete in the 2-days hackathon. During the hackathon they will team up with other participants and solve the challenges proposed by industry sponsors.
During Sunday they will prepare their final presentation (pitch + demo).

Bootcamp / Technical Seminars
This is being closely worked out to ensure the seminars serve the purpose of educating the audience on IoT and/or Blockchain Technologies. We expect sponsors and partners to provide material for participants and teach them concepts and techniques that can be used during the hackathon.

2. Previous experience
In this track participants skip the technical seminars and go directly to the hackathon competition. To assure the minimum level of expertise, participants following track 2 should submit their applications to review. After selection, they will be invited to join the hackathon. During the hackathon they will team up with other participants and solve the
challenges proposed by industry sponsors. During the Sunday they will prepare their final presentation (pitch + demo).

The IOT-Blockchain camp is an open initiative designed to explore the potential of the IOT when combined with Blockchain. One of our most important goals is to share this experience with the local ecosystem. And for that purpose, we are organizing free afternoon open events parallel to the camp, in which everyone is invited to join, learn, and have fun.

Open Events (+100 expected attendees)
These events are open to the public and the camp participants. We have more freedom here to include other kind of projects and subjects, but still we will be giving preference to those talks that combine IOT & Blockchain. More information about these open events is coming soon.